Can Intel Motherboards Use AMD Processors?

Can Intel Motherboards Use AMD Processors

Motherboards are a key component for a PC build, this is where you will install your processor so it can communicate with the rest of the system. Processors use a specific motherboard socket so they can be physically compatible with the motherboard, Intel and Ryzen motherboards use completely different sockets. This means Intel motherboards cannot … Read more

Why Does Motherboard Have HDMI?

Why Does Motherboard Have HDMI

HDMI is an audio/video interface used by many devices such as the motherboard, graphics card, laptops, and monitors. Most people will use the HDMI port on their graphics card to get a signal, but the motherboard also has an HDMI port for reasons many people don’t know. Well, the motherboard has an HDMI port for … Read more

What Is The Best CPU Temperature?

CPU temperature

When you use your computer, your processor/CPU will heat up, this is why you have a CPU cooler to keep the CPU’s temperature tame. If your CPU becomes too hot, then your computer will suffer from thermal throttling, and potentially shut down, this is why you need to ensure that your CPU has an ideal … Read more

Hexa Vs Octa Core CPUs (Benchmarks)

Hexa Vs Octa Core CPUs

When you purchase a processor, they come with a set number of cores, so hexa-core means a 6 core processor and octa-core means an 8 core processor. In general, the more cores a processor has, the better it will perform in multithreaded tasks, this is pretty much true with CPUs from the same architecture. So, … Read more

What Is Intel Equivalent To AMD Ryzen 9?

What Is Intel Equivalent To AMD Ryzen 9

With processors, you have two competitors which are Intel and Ryzen and pretty much all the time, they’re in direct competition with their processors. So you have Ryzen 9 which are high end processors with a high number of cores, only PC enthusiasts that want the best will go for a Ryzen 9. However, Ryzen … Read more

What Is Intel Equivalent To AMD Ryzen 5?

What Is Intel Equivalent To AMD Ryzen 5

The two main players when it comes to processors are AMD and Intel and they both have a series of processors which compete with each other. Ryzen 5 is pretty much a mid tier lineup of processors which aims to focus on gamers, and budget builders whereas Ryzen 7 and 9 are more high-end. The … Read more

Is Threadripper Good For Gaming?

threadripper for gaming

If you need huge computation power, then the Threadripper is the CPU to go for, but there’s some nuances when it comes to gaming. Games mostly benefit from single-core performance which means games are most likely unable to benefit from the huge computation power of the Threadripper. And Threadripper processors mostly specialize in multicore performance, … Read more

Is Hyperthreading Good For Gaming?

hyperthreading gaming

If you’ve heard about hyperthreading, you probably know that it pretty much makes a CPU more efficient, by up to 30%. This is usually done by splitting a single physical core into two logical cores, and this is done by taking advantage of CPU stalling. So for gaming, 30% more performance sounds good right? Well, … Read more

Can RAM Bottleneck CPU?

can ram bottleneck cpu

Bottlenecks are extremely annoying because it prevents your hardware from running at maximum performance, this can ruin many experiences. We’re well aware of the CPU/GPU bottleneck, but the RAM/CPU bottleneck is more subtle, and can actually reduce performance by quite a bit. In general, the RAM can actually bottleneck the CPU, and it can reduce … Read more

Are Used GPUs Good? – Things To Consider

used gpu

Graphics cards are quite expensive and unobtainable nowadays, so it’s only natural that someone would look for a used alternative for a discounted price. The thing with used graphics cards is that they come with additional wear and tear which will diminish the lifespan, you should always consider this fact. To answer your question, used … Read more