Is 32GB RAM Overkill? (Benchmarks)

For the majority of tasks, it’s accepted that 16GB of RAM is the sweet spot as it can handle gaming, streaming, video editing, and other forms of computing pretty easily. So the thought of going above 16GB of RAM is pointless to many people, 32GB of RAM is said to be overkill for most tasks. … Read more

How Much Does RAM Speed Affect FPS? (Tests)

RAM speed FPS

The RAM or main system memory is responsible for communicating data between the CPU, so this means the RAM will have an indirect impact on in game FPS. Usually, the faster the RAM you have, the more memory bandwidth you’ll have making data transfer between the CPU and the memory more effective. So depending on … Read more

Does An Overheating CPU Cause Low FPS?

Does An Overheating CPU Cause Low FPS

If you didn’t know already, the CPU plays a huge role in how well a game plays, this is because the CPU acts as a bottleneck for the GPU. So the CPU pretty much affects FPS, a better and faster CPU in terms of single-core performance will generally outperform a slower CPU in terms of … Read more

How Much Does CPU Affect FPS? (Benchmarks)

How Much Does CPU Affect FPS

The CPU is a crucial component for every system, it’s responsible for processing general instructions that help your computer run, but how does it affect FPS and gaming? We’re used to thinking that FPS in games is mostly one by the graphics card, and while this is true, the CPU does play a huge role … Read more

Can The RTX 3060 Run 4K? (Benchmarks)

RTX 3060 4K

As technology advances, 4K will soon become the new sweetspot like 1440P is, so being prepared is on a lot of people’s minds. For 4K gaming, you’re going to want your graphics card to be pretty strong as 4K is quite demanding depending on the title being played. However, the RTX 3060 is actually capable … Read more

Does Overclocking GPU Increase FPS?

FPS overclocking

Overclocking your graphics card is a free and effective way to get more performance out of your system. In graphical intensive scenarios such as gaming, you can massively benefit from an overclocked GPU. With GPU overclocking, it’s a lot more straightforward than CPU overclocking as you can overclock your GPU straight from the operating system … Read more

Should I Overclock My GPU? (Is It Worth It)

Should I Overclock My GPU

GPU overclocking is a way to get more performance out of your graphics card without having to purchase a new GPU. Because of this, many users will attempt to overclock their graphics card because they may be lagging in a game they like, or they need the extra performance for other tasks such as hardware … Read more

Can RTX 3070 Run 1440P 144Hz? (Benchmarks)

RTX 3070 For 1440P 144hz

Yes, the RTX 3070 does have 1440P 144Hz capabilities. The RTX 3070 is often regarded as the perfect graphics card for 1440P, so you can expect to reach 144FPS in most games. 144Hz is known to be ideal for competitive gamers, this is because it provides a competitive advantage over 60Hz gamers. 144Hz is far … Read more

What Is A Good GPU Clock Speed? (Updated 2023)

best gpu clock speed

Your GPU/Graphics card behaves similarly to a CPU, it has a certain clock speed it runs at, and it’s measured in MHz(Megahertz). However, your CPU is able to reach higher clock speeds typically around 4-5GHz. The main difference between your GPU and your CPU is that your GPU primarily handles graphical data whereas the CPU … Read more

Are Intel I9 CPUs Good For Gaming?

are I9 good for gaming

 If you didn’t know already, for gaming, the CPU plays a very critical role in processing the frames sent by the graphics card, so the GPU relies on how fast the CPU is. The faster the CPU, the more frames it can process, and the I9 is a particularly fast processor featuring high clock speeds … Read more