Can RTX 3070 Run 1440P 144Hz? (Benchmarks)

Yes, the RTX 3070 does have 1440P 144Hz capabilities. The RTX 3070 is often regarded as the perfect graphics card for 1440P, so you can expect to reach 144FPS in most games.

144Hz is known to be ideal for competitive gamers, this is because it provides a competitive advantage over 60Hz gamers. 144Hz is far smoother and it’s easier to track enemies when they’re moving.

So pretty much, if you’re into shooters such as CSGO and Valorant, then 144Hz can be used to give you an edge over certain gamers.

About The RTX 3070

The RTX 3070 is considered a mid-top range graphics card equivalent to the AMD RX 6800, and it is mostly used at 1440P.

For many gamers, the RTX 3070 is considered the sweet spot, this is because it is fairly affordable, and provides performance that is on par with the RTX 2080 TI.

So, there is definitely hope that the RTX 3070 can game pretty well at 1440P at 144Hz, even with graphically intensive games.

GPU NameCUDA Core CountBoost & Base Clock SpeedMemory ConfigMSRP
RTX 3090104961395 MHz / 1695 MHzGDDR6X 24 GB1,499 USD
RTX 3080 TI102401365 MHz / 1665 MHzGDDR6X 12 GB1,199 USD
RTX 308087041440 MHz / 1710 MHzGDDR6X 10 GB699 USD
RTX 3070 TI61441575 MHz / 1770 MHzGDDR6X 8 GB599 USD
RTX 307058881500 MHz / 1725 MHzGDDR6 8 GB499 USD
RTX 3060 TI48641410 MHz / 1665 MHzGDDR6 8 GB399 USD
RTX 306035841320 MHz / 1777 MHzGDDR6 12 GB329 USD

Looking at the table, the RTX 3070 is a pretty average GPU with well rounded specs unlike the RTX 3060 that possesses an oddly amount of VRAM.

8GB of VRAM should be more than enough to game at 1440P without encountering stutters and crashes, so you’re safe in that regard.

How Well Does It Handle 1440P 144Hz?

In general, the RTX 3070 can handle 1440P gaming pretty well, it can reach 100FPS+ in most games at Ultra settings with some exceptions like Flight Simulator and Metro Exodus.

You always have the option to lower the in game settings to Medium or Low to increase the frames per second, and hopefully get past 144Hz. This is a common practice with FPS games as graphical quality is often non important.

However, games like CSGO, the RTX 3070 would be pure overkill, even at higher resolutions, this is because CSGO is insanely easy to run.

So, the RTX 3070 seems to be perfect at 1440P 144Hz, you may have to play with the settings to get optimal gameplay though.

RTX 3070 Vs RX 6800 – CSGO


With the RTX 3070, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of 144Hz, and even higher if your monitor supports it. 337 FPS is more than enough, and the RTX 3070 is practically overkill.

The RX 6800 pulls ahead in frames per second with an average of 379FPS, but it’s still an unnecessary amount of FPS considering we’re using a 144Hz display.

Our recommendation if you’re going to play CSGO would be to go for a cheaper graphics card, perhaps the RTX 3060 because these cards are more than enough for CSGO.

In conclusion, the RTX 3070 will be able to play CSGO at 1440P at 144Hz, but it may not be the best option as it’s quite expensive.

RTX 3070 Vs RX 6800 – Valorant


Valorant is another easy to run game, so it’s no surprise finding that the RTX 3070 runs the game pretty well. With an average of 339FPS, you will be able to enjoy 1440P at 144Hz easily.

The RX 6800 excels providing an average of 479FPS which is pure overkill for 1440P 144Hz. You can definitely get away with a cheaper card with valorant.

You could probably get away with running Valorant at 4K 144Hz with these cards, that’s how easy Valorant is to run. This is because Riot games have optimized the game to run extremely well on weaker hardware.

So even if your PC isn’t particularly powerful, you’re still most likely able to pull off a 1440P 144Hz experience with little issues, but you may have to adjust the graphical settings accordingly.

RTX 3070 Vs RX 6800 – Fortnite


With Fortnite, it’s extremely competitive, so being able to achieve 144FPS on a 144Hz display will provide a huge competitive edge.

The RTX 3070 is able to comfortably reach 144FPS with the average being 218FPS on competitive settings, any higher and you may not reach 144FPS

The RX 6800 is also able to reach 144FPS with the average being 299FPS, the RX 6800 could be seen as overkill whereas the RTX 3070 is a more reasonable choice.

So yes, the RTX 3070 can reach 144FPS, but you will have to lower the in game settings as any higher risks you dropping below 144FPS.

RTX 3070 Vs RX 6800 – Call Of Duty Warzone


With the RTX 3070, it averages around 122FPS at high settings, this is because Warzone is quite graphically intensive.

If you want higher FPS with the RTX 3070, then lowering the settings may push you closer to the 144FPS mark.

With the RX 6800, it averages around 144FPS which is great, but higher would be better as the FPS can drop below 144FPS.

So, lowering the FPS with the RX 6800 should allow for higher and more stable frame rates above 144FPS.

Overall, we recommend the RX 6800 for Warzone if you’re looking to play at 1440P at 144Hz, this is because for graphically intensive games, you’re going to want the extra graphical performance.

RTX 3070 Vs RX 6800 – Battlefield V


Running Battlefield 5 on the RTX 3070 results in an average of 131 frames per second which isn’t bad, but still fails to reach the 144FPS mark.

Considering the BF5 is running at Ultra settings, lowering them to high will result in higher frames perhaps pushing you past the 144FPS mark.

With the RX 6800, you receive an average of 170 FPS at ultra settings which is pretty great. This means you don’t have to sacrifice graphical quality for performance, which is a huge plus considering Battlefield V looks amazing.

Overall, if you want the best experience with BF5, we recommend going for the RX 6800 as it easily gives 144FPS at 1440P ultra settings.

RTX 3070 Vs RX 6800 – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


If you thought games couldn’t get more graphically intensive, well you’re wrong because Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is notoriously hard to run.

With the RTX 3070, it averages around 56 frames per second at 1440P ultra, and lowering the settings won’t really help. This means there’s little hope for running this game at 1440P at 144Hz.

The same thing with the RX 6800 applies, it averages around 59 frames per second, no matter what settings you run it at, the chances for 144FPS is low.


In conclusion, the RTX 3070 can run many games at 1440P at 144Hz, as long as they’re not too graphically intensive. In this case, lowering the settings can help most of the time.

But, if you’re going to play Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’re going to need more powerful hardware as that game consumes a massive amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU power.

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