5 Best I5 CPU/Processor For Gaming 2023

Best I5 CPU/Processor For Gaming

When it comes to pure gaming processors, the I5 line up of CPUs are the first thing to come to mind, this is because they have an amazing price to performance ratio in terms of gaming performance. While they aren’t multicore beasts like the I9s, they can often hold up quite well in gaming situations, … Read more

Best LGA1700 CPUs/Processors For 2023

Best LGA1700 CPUs/Processors

Right now, Intel is making a comeback with their LGA 1700 socket, it features strong processors in their respective right. You can find top-tier processors for workstations, gaming, and even some budget options if you’re not trying to break the bank. I know exactly how it feels when you have all these options for CPUs, … Read more

Best LGA1151 CPUs/Processors For 2023

Best LGA1151 CPUs/Processors

LGA 1151 is an old but gold socket, it houses Intel 8th and 9th generation processors, and they’re still heavily used even to this day. You can find a variety of processors that the LGA 1151 socket supports, you can find processors for gamers, workstations, and even some light computing. So, there’s a lot of … Read more

Can CPU Cause Stuttering? – The Truth

Can CPU Cause Stuttering?

When gaming, the best experiences are always when they’re immersive, and consistent. Stuttering will usually interrupt this, and ruin the gaming experience. Stuttering is also a major issue for competitive games, if your FPS keeps dropping whilst playing a game like CSGO, it increases the chances of losing a match. Well, the CPU can actually … Read more

Does A Bottleneck Cause FPS Drops – True Answer

Does A Bottleneck Cause FPS Drops?

The term “bottlenecking” is spoken a lot in the PC building community, especially among gamers that want the most FPS possible. Usually when someone experiences FPS issues, one of the many reasons for that can be a bottleneck, this is why it’s discussed a lot. FPS drops can be caused by a bottleneck, but it … Read more

Is More CPU Cache Better?

Is More CPU Cache Better?

The CPU cache is a crucial component of a processor, and it aids in its performance. The CPU cache is smaller than RAM but significantly faster. CPU cache is typically built directly onto the CPU chip itself, and since the CPU cache is located close to the cores, it gives it a significant speed advantage. … Read more

Why Is CPU Clock Speed Low?

Why Is CPU Clock Speed Low?

The clock speed is a metric of understanding how fast a processor works, the clock speed usually determines its “single core performance”. If you notice that your CPU is running slower when it should be faster, then this can have negative influences on the entire system’s performance. Low clock speeds can be the result of … Read more

CPU Clock Speed Fluctuating – 4 Reasons Why

CPU Clock Speed Fluctuating

Noticing that your CPU clock speed keeps going up and down can be quite frustrating, it may seem like abnormal behaviour which needs to be fixed. However, the CPU clock speed depends on many variables such as CPU load, Temperature, Voltages, and overclocks, so many things can be at play. But in general, when the … Read more