Is More CPU Cache Better?

Is More CPU Cache Better?

The CPU cache is a crucial component of a processor, and it aids in its performance. The CPU cache is smaller than RAM but significantly faster. CPU cache is typically built directly onto the CPU chip itself, and since the CPU cache is located close to the cores, it gives it a significant speed advantage. … Read more

Why Is CPU Clock Speed Low?

Why Is CPU Clock Speed Low?

The clock speed is a metric of understanding how fast a processor works, the clock speed usually determines its “single core performance”. If you notice that your CPU is running slower when it should be faster, then this can have negative influences on the entire system’s performance. Low clock speeds can be the result of … Read more

CPU Clock Speed Fluctuating – 4 Reasons Why

CPU Clock Speed Fluctuating

Noticing that your CPU clock speed keeps going up and down can be quite frustrating, it may seem like abnormal behaviour which needs to be fixed. However, the CPU clock speed depends on many variables such as CPU load, Temperature, Voltages, and overclocks, so many things can be at play. But in general, when the … Read more

Why Does CPU Bottleneck At 1080P?

Why Does CPU Bottleneck At 1080P

A bottleneck is a limitation within a system caused by another component. Bottlenecks are normal, but they can be detrimental to performance in certain situations. In games, a bottleneck manifests in the form of lower frame rates, this can be observed as a sudden frame rate drop, and it’s usually caused by the CPU bottlenecking … Read more

Does CPU Cache Affect Gaming?

Does CPU Cache Affect Gaming?

For gaming, the CPU plays a crucial role as it works on processing information for the graphics card. But not many know how the CPU helps the GPU process information. Gamers typically think it’s just single-core performance that influences how well a game plays, but there are actually multiple factors at play. The CPU Cache … Read more

CPU Vs RAM For Gaming – What’s More Important?

CPU Vs RAM For Gaming

The CPU and the RAM have a close relationship with handling data and instructions, so they undoubtedly have a huge impact when it comes to gaming. But you’re probably wondering out of the RAM and the CPU, which has the largest impact on FPS? Knowing this will help you invest your money correctly, and build … Read more

How Many Cores For Gaming & Streaming?

How Many Cores For Streaming?

Streaming for some can be a very CPU intensive task, this is because some encoders rely on CPU power, and the more cores you have, the better the stream will run. The types of encoders that rely on CPU power are software encoders such as X264, and by nature, X264 is highly multithreaded. So for … Read more

Is 8 Cores Enough For Gaming?

is 8 cores good for gaming

A processor for gaming should typically have decent single-core performance, but what about core count, is 8 cores sufficient for gaming? Well for gaming, the core count to a certain extent does have an impact on gaming, for example, you need to have enough cores to run background tasks as well as the game. In … Read more

Is 6 Cores Enough For Gaming? – The Truth

Is 6 Cores Good For Gaming?

When you buy a processor, they will always come with a set number of cores, and each core is responsible for processing instructions when gaming. Typically, the more cores you have, the faster your processors can handle information, so should games run with more cores? For games, the general consensus is that you require at … Read more