Are Intel I9 CPUs Good For Gaming?

are I9 good for gaming

 If you didn’t know already, for gaming, the CPU plays a very critical role in processing the frames sent by the graphics card, so the GPU relies on how fast the CPU is. The faster the CPU, the more frames it can process, and the I9 is a particularly fast processor featuring high clock speeds … Read more

Single Core Vs Multi Core Performance

Single Core Vs Multi Core Performance

When defining how fast a processor is, we have two main ways and that’s by analysing single-core performance, or the multi-core performance. In terms of raw performance, both are equally important, but each have their own individual purposes, for example, single-core performance is important for gaming, and multicore performance is important for streaming. When picking … Read more

What Is Single Core Performance?

single core performance

A CPU consists of cores, and each core will receive and process instructions sent by the RAM. The more cores you have, the faster your CPU theoretically should be. But there’s another way you can make a CPU faster, you can increase how fast an individual core processes information, this is what we call ‘single-core’ … Read more

IPC vs Clock Speed For Performance

IPC vs Clock Speed

When we talk about the performance of a CPU, the clock speed and the core count are the main things to come to mind. This isn’t smart as these factors are misleading, and don’t account for IPC. IPC is often neglected as it isn’t a popular metric that is used to show performance, but this … Read more

What Is A Good CPU Clock Speed – Laptop & Desktop

Your processor’s clock speed is one of the most important ways of finding out how fast your processor is, after all it is a popular & basic metric. The clock speed metric also plays a huge role in the performance of video games, this is because the clock speed is mainly what processes the games … Read more