Is 850W Enough For RTX 3070 & 3070 TI?

Is 850W Enough For RTX 3080 & 3080 TI?

When I first built my gaming PC, I was told by someone to never skimp on the power supply, this is because the power supply is crucial to the performance of the system. I have to ensure that my PC has enough wattage and that the power supply is of high quality. The RTX 3070 … Read more

Is 850W Enough For RTX 3080 & 3080 TI?

Is 850W Enough For RTX 3080 & 3080 TI?

I know how important the power supply is for your PC. When I first built my gaming PC, I was told the power supply should never be skimped on. Since then, I always ensure I have enough wattage, and it’s the highest quality. The RTX 3080 and the 3080 TI both have very similar power … Read more

Does A Bottleneck Cause FPS Drops – True Answer

Does A Bottleneck Cause FPS Drops?

The term “bottlenecking” is spoken a lot in the PC building community, especially among gamers that want the most FPS possible. Usually when someone experiences FPS issues, one of the many reasons for that can be a bottleneck, this is why it’s discussed a lot. FPS drops can be caused by a bottleneck, but it … Read more

Does It Matter Which PCIE Slot I Use For GPU?

Does It Matter Which PCIE Slot I Use For GPU?

A motherboard will consist of many PCIE slots, and it’s your job to use them wisely to get the most performance out of your system. Not all PCIE slots perform the same, some use different lanes, some have more bandwidth, and some have less latency. So in a nutshell, it absolutely matters what PCIE slot … Read more

Does Undervolting Reduce Performance?


Undervolting components whether it’s a CPU or a GPU both have huge advantages one being it increases the performance to power efficiency. When you undervolt a component, your goal is to reduce the voltage whilst maintaining identical clock speeds, this reduces heat, noise, and increases the lifespan. So if a component can run just as … Read more

Are Used GPUs Good? – Things To Consider

used gpu

Graphics cards are quite expensive and unobtainable nowadays, so it’s only natural that someone would look for a used alternative for a discounted price. The thing with used graphics cards is that they come with additional wear and tear which will diminish the lifespan, you should always consider this fact. To answer your question, used … Read more

GPU Lifespan & How To Maintain

gpu lifespan

To many, the graphics card is one of the most important components of their PC build, this is because the GPU is essential in many builds such as a gaming PC. So it’s natural that many people will wonder about how much usage they can get out of their GPU before it fails, or if … Read more

Is Overclocking Safe & Should I Do It?

Is Overclocking Safe & Should I Do It

The thought about pushing your components past their rated limits can be frightening because you never know what can happen. But if pulled off successfully, you can pretty much enjoy free extra performance without any additional risk to your components. Overclocking pretty much is manually increasing how fast a component cycles per second, this can … Read more

Is 100 GPU Usage Bad?

Is 100 GPU Usage Bad

A gaming PC can be a complex system if you compare it to a console, this is because it requires more knowledge as you need to understand how each component works. When you’re gaming and you notice your GPU is running at 100% usage, it can be frightening as it seems like your GPU is … Read more

Is Integrated Graphics Good For Gaming?

Is Integrated Graphics Good For Gaming

When building a PC for gaming, you will need a device capable of processing graphical information, this can be a dedicated GPU, or an integrated GPU. Dedicated GPU is what most gaming PC’s use, and they do their job really well, but integrated GPUs are different as they come packaged with a CPU. Since they … Read more