Can RAM Cause FPS Drops? – You Need To Know

Can RAM Cause FPS Drops?

FPS drops can be extremely annoying when gaming, and in FPS games, they can be extremely destructive. The reason for FPS drops can be hardware related, and it’s usually the symptom of a bottleneck which means your system is unbalanced in some way. The truth is, the RAM is one of the main suspects for … Read more

Does A Bottleneck Cause FPS Drops – True Answer

Does A Bottleneck Cause FPS Drops?

The term “bottlenecking” is spoken a lot in the PC building community, especially among gamers that want the most FPS possible. Usually when someone experiences FPS issues, one of the many reasons for that can be a bottleneck, this is why it’s discussed a lot. FPS drops can be caused by a bottleneck, but it … Read more

CPU Vs RAM For Gaming – What’s More Important?

CPU Vs RAM For Gaming

The CPU and the RAM have a close relationship with handling data and instructions, so they undoubtedly have a huge impact when it comes to gaming. But you’re probably wondering out of the RAM and the CPU, which has the largest impact on FPS? Knowing this will help you invest your money correctly, and build … Read more

Can RAM Bottleneck CPU?

can ram bottleneck cpu

Bottlenecks are extremely annoying because it prevents your hardware from running at maximum performance, this can ruin many experiences. We’re well aware of the CPU/GPU bottleneck, but the RAM/CPU bottleneck is more subtle, and can actually reduce performance by quite a bit. In general, the RAM can actually bottleneck the CPU, and it can reduce … Read more

Is Overclocking Safe & Should I Do It?

Is Overclocking Safe & Should I Do It

The thought about pushing your components past their rated limits can be frightening because you never know what can happen. But if pulled off successfully, you can pretty much enjoy free extra performance without any additional risk to your components. Overclocking pretty much is manually increasing how fast a component cycles per second, this can … Read more

11 Best Games For 8GB RAM (2022)

10 Best Games For 8GB RAM

Gaming nowadays requires at least 16GB of RAM, that’s if you’re looking to play the latest triple-A games, but many people are still stuck with 8GB of RAM. That leads to the question of whether it’s possible to game with only 8GB of RAM. As we know, 8GB of RAM can lead to massive FPS … Read more

Is 8GB Of RAM Good For Gaming? (Benchmarks)

Is 8GB RAM Enough for gaming

When gaming, the RAM is one of the most important components to consider, because if you don’t have enough RAM, your computer can lag severely in-game. This can be stuttering, FPS drops, or random game crashes, and this isn’t ideal especially if you’re playing a competitive game. For many years, 8GB of RAM has been … Read more

16GB Vs 32GB RAM For Gaming (Benchmarks)

16 vs 32gb ram

For gaming, RAM is extremely important for gaming because your computer will use the RAM a lot to store and retrieve important data. The RAM operates at a faster speed to non-volatile storage devices (HDD and SSD) which means it’s great for storing assets that need to be retrieved near instantly. Not having enough RAM … Read more

Is 64GB RAM Overkill? (Benchmarks)

Is 64GB Of RAM Overkill

Most tasks today actually require 16GB of RAM, only a few require more such as 32GB of RAM. So you’re probably wondering what uses does 64GB of RAM have. Well the truth is not many, 64GB of RAM has a few uses such as 8K video editing, and other niche purposes, but the majority of … Read more

Is 16GB Of RAM Enough For Video Editing?

16gb ram video editing

Video editing is one of the most RAM intensive applications a PC can run, so the more RAM you have, the better your video editing software will run. Even just running a video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro consumes a huge amount of RAM therefore you will require additional RAM overhead. It’s often said … Read more